The round table “National Defense Strategy, news and perspectives”

9 February 2017

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The round table “National Defense Strategy, news and perspectives”

Information and Documentation Center of NATO (IDC NATO) in cooperation with Ministry of Defense organized Tuesday, August 23 Roundtable titled “National Defense Strategy, news and perspectives” in context of the implementation of Presidential Decree nr. 2068 from 13 May 2016, creating a Committee for elaboration the National Defense Strategy of the Republic of Moldova.
Scope of work aimed at increasing the involvement of civilian society in the drafting of strategic documents in the sphere of national defense of Republic of Moldova. The National Defense Strategy Project was debated in order to achieve the exchange of information, opinions, recommendations that can lead to improve the project.
The roundtable was opened with Elenei Mârzac’s welcome speeches, Executive Director, IDC NATO. Mrs. Mârzac noted about the need to strengthen transparency and impartiality, contributing to monitoring the actors involved in political decision-making processes. The transfer of expertise of the associations in public institutions can contribute to the quality of reforms in some areas.
The presentation of National Defense Strategy Project was conducted by Aurel Fondos, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense. He delivered the elaboration process, structure and content strategy, also analyzed the working group meetings. This group is an executive body composed of representatives of 23 institutions, which aims to develop strategic document. During the development of the Strategy were held 14 work sessions.
Mr. Fondos mentioned that a large role in developing the NAS is the expertise provided by international experts from the Defense Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI). The key element of this initiative is to develop the legal framework for planning and clear determination of the structure of Moldovan defense.
During the debates on the National Defense Strategy Project it was noted that the country needs to strengthen its efforts on hybrid war that weakens state from within. Also was discussed the need to streamline the interaction between state institutions and strategic communication especially in security and defense. Supreme Security Council reform as a topic was discussed in the debate, which was stringent and necessary. The event was stipulated the need for an independent analytical center which will deal with risk assessment, representing an arbitrator in the field of defense and security, and the need to increase the financial resources allocated to the military, security and defense from 0,5% to 1 – 1,5 % of GDP.
In the same context, Please be advised that the project NAS was published on the official website of the Ministry of Defense or, and the proposals and suggestions to be submitted until 08.31.2016, at [email protected], [email protected], contact phone: 25 11:54 p.m.