The winner of scientific articles part of the project NATO Security School

9 February 2017

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The winner of scientific articles part of the project NATO Security School

“NATO School of Security ” is a project implemented by The Information and Documentation Centre of NATO in Moldova, being a platform for students, young professionals and representatives of civil society from various regions of Moldova. The project’s aim is to encourage democratic participation of young people and to developa a culture of security, offering the opportunity to receive comprehensive information on the current political evolution and the security in post-Soviet space and to develop analytical capacity and critical thinking. This activity aims to implement the provisions of the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) Moldova – NATO and also those of the Strategy of Information and Communication in the field of defense and security.
The project included events ranging from public diplomacy formats: seminars, roundtables, workshops, study visits, discussions with representatives of civil society, the mass-media, government institutions, national and international experts, representatives of embassies accredited in RM of NATO’s member states and partners.
At the end of the NATO School of Security the participants drafted a set of scientific articles which will be published in Academic Journal, nr. 22.
IDC NATO held a competition of academic papers for participants from NATO School of Security. The winner will be awarded a study visit to NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium.
The paper can be downloaded here National Security of the Republic of Moldova, between neutrality and the prospect of NATO.
For more details about the activities organized by IDC NATO, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 022 577 824.